Deedles FAQs

What is Deedles?

Deedles is a way for people to help people. If someone has a need, we believe there is someone out there in the world who will do the deed and help that person. It is the fundamental core of the “sharing” economy: if you help someone in need, someone will help you when you are in need. That’s Deedles.

How does Deedles work?

Users post “Needs” up on Deedles, like “I Need A Ride Downtown”. Other users are alerted of the Need and they accept and get started. They are now doing the “Deed”. When they finish the Deed, they click “Complete” on the app and are rewarded with Karma Koins.

Why can’t I find it in the App Store?

Deedles is currently in a Beta Test version and is only available as a web-based mobile app. Deedles will be released as a native app for iPhone and Android in 2018.

What is a Beta Version?

Beta Versions are test versions of software. While it is functional and usable, there may be bugs or other issues that are still being worked out. The hope is that people will use it and give feedback on what works and what could be better and help Deedles be the best it can be.

I Want To Make Deedles Better. How Can I Help?

Yes you can! Send us an email to feedback@deedles.com with your feedback or suggestions. We love to hear from our users, good or bad!

How Can I Make Deedles Grow?

Deedles only works when lots of people are using it. The more you get your friends and neighbors to join, the more Deedles thrives. Tell your friends, create Groups with them (located in your Profile) and help us make Deedles grow!