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Deedles is an app for posting needs and doing deeds

Need It?

Deedles makes it quick and easy to ask others to do things. Needs can range from simple requests like taking a photo to bigger needs like borrowing a bicycle.

Deed It!

Deedles is based on the idea that people want to help each other. Deedles makes helping people easy, fun and simple.

Receive It

Deedles helps balance giving and receiving. This is done using Karma points. Offer Karma when you post a need. Receive Karma when you complete a deed. No money needed!



Collaborative economies have been around for as long as human beings have existed. With large, distributed populations money eventually became the dominant force in human interactions. Technology has revitalized the ability of people to find, connect and help each other without many of the challenges presented by money. Deedles generalizes the sharing/collaborative economy by providing a technology platform to connect people with needs to people who will help.

Deedles Is Free!
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